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    Welcome to the Qlik Continuous Classroom

    Get an introduction of all that the Qlik Continuous Classroom has to offer.  With over 300 courses and tutorials to choose from, live instructor webinars, and 1:1 instructor course support, ensure sure you are making the most from your Qlik Continuous Classroom subscription.

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    Academic Program Introduction

    Our regional Academic Program representative gives you an overview of the Academic Program and our resources. This webinar is mainly intended for university students and academics/educators who have just joined, or who are interested in joining the program. We also welcome anyone who would like more information and who can help us spread the word about our great free resources.

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    Included in a Qlik Continuous Classroom subscription

    As a part of a Qlik Continuous Classroom subscription, you will enjoy the benefit of access to Live Instructor Webinars delivered on a regular basis on a variety of advanced topics above and beyond content offered in our self-paced learning.  

    Live Instructor Webinars are 1-hour sessions, delivered at 10:00am in the associated time zone.  If you are unable to attend a particular session, be sure to register to receive the on-demand recording.

    • Managing Licenses in Qlik Sense - August 4

    • Introduction to Qlik Sense API's - August 18

    • Using a Subroutine in the Load Script  - August 24

    • Focus on the Humble Text and Image Object - August 26

    • Control Apps and Sheets Access in the Streams - August 30

    • Set Analysis in Qlik Sense - September 7

    • Data Classification with IntervalMatch - September 15

    • Using What if Analysis with Variables - September 21

    • Data Classification with IntervalMatch - September 30

    • Extending Qlik Sense - October 6

    • Calculated Fields in the Data Manager - October 13

    • Security in Qlik Sense Enterprise - October 20

    • Create Custom Functions with Variables - October 27

    • Managing Data Connections - November 2

    • Introduction to Set Analysis - November 10

    • Hierarchical Loads and Custom Sort Orders - November 18

    • Configuring Charts for Comparison - November 22

    • Incremental Loads - November 30

    • Managing Security with Section Access in Qlik Sense Cloud - December 8

    • Tricks and Tips in the Data Load Editor - December 14

    • Introduction to Qlik Sense Scalability Tools - December 23

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